How to use The Lookup:

  • type your search query
  • then select which search engine you want to use
    • the first 41 are general search engines
    • engines marked with a do not record your IP address
    • use a specific category engine to save time;  ie "Youtube" if you are looking for a video, or "Wunderground" if you want the weather
    • you will find categories of engines labeled; ie [.....NEWS...]
  • click the magnify glass to begin your search.


  • use quotations for exact searches
  • click the X to clear your query
  • for map and weather searches type in your location; ie "Denver,CO"
  • for package tracking type in your tracking#; ie "10000000000000000"

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If you have any additional questions, please contact us:

  • By email: support@the-lookup.com